Allanah Vokes transforms information and imagery through elaborate systems of analysis, dissection, notation, and translation, creating works that occupy an ambiguous space between representation and abstraction.

Central to her practice is an investigation into the nuances of human pattern-seeking behaviour:  in particular, how we engage these behaviours when making sense of art works, how we use them to navigate visual culture during the age of too many images, and how we enhance or mimic our pattern-seeking abilities through technology.

The information selected to generate her work is gleaned from sources as varied as UFC fights, pornography, celebrity culture, political events, and processes within the natural world. These topics are fundamentally connected by themes of power and desire, referencing the primeval directives behind our finely-tuned pattern sensitivity. Her practice predominantly features collaborations with technology, using strategies such as photogrammetry, motion tracking, and computerized pen plotting to produce works in drawing, collage, and sculpture.

She received her Bachelor of Arts Honours in Studio Art from the University of Guelph in 2015 and placed first in the University’s 47th Annual Juried Art Show. She is currently based in Sarnia, Ontario.


2017Intersections in Dance, XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON
- DRAWING 2017, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON
Fall Emerging Art Exhibition, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON
- In The Year 3000, The New Bohemian Gallery, Brainerd, MN
- LOCAL Curated Art Show, 100 Christina Street, Sarnia, ON
- Scratching Where It’s Itching, YTB Gallery, Toronto, ON
– Specialty Goods, Specialized Studio Exhibition, Boarding House Gallery, Guelph, ON
2015 – 47th Annual Juried Art Show Top Ten, Zavitz Gallery, University of Guelph
2015 - Refigure, Allanah Vokes and Rory Steels, Zavitz Gallery, University of Guelph
2014 – The Special Special, Specialized Studio Exhibition, Zavitz Gallery, University of Guelph
2014Art in the Bullring, The Bullring, University of Guelph
2014 - Something In Between, Drawing IV Exhibition, Alexander Hall, University of Guelph
2013TMSIOR, Sculpture III/IV Exhibition, Zavitz Gallery, University of Guelph


2015 - First Place, 47th Annual Juried Art Show, University of Guelph
2015 - Faculty Award, Technician’s Award, & WAS Drawing Award, 47th Annual Juried Art Show
– Art in the Bullring Honorarium, University of Guelph
2014 – Michael Scotchmer Award, University of Guelph
2014 – Marlene Pike Memorial Scholarship for Sculpture, University of Guelph
2014 – Honorable Mention & Drawing Award, 46th Annual Juried Art Show, University of Guelph
2013 – Michael Scotchmer Award, University of Guelph
2013 – Class of 1970 Scholarship, University of Guelph
2010 – Helen Kavanagh Nicol Scholarship, Lambton Central C.V.I, Petrolia, ON


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