An ongoing series of drawings created by tracking moving points in video.

In Salute To Our Armed Services Ball – The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, I tracked and plotted the movements of Donald Trump and twenty-one other dancers at the Salute to Our Armed Services Ball during his inauguration on January 20, 2017. The tip of the nose was chosen as the tracked point; tracking the hands and feet are the obvious choices for any sort of physical movement, but there were a lot of close-up headshots in this footage and the hands and feet were only infrequently visible. The nose provided a more consistent point and reflected the overall motion of their bodies, and also the interaction with others on the dance floor. The CNN footage of the ball was used. Black lines outline the text boxes that were present on the screen during the broadcast. The footage was 8 min, 6 seconds + 17 frames – 30 fps. The total number of frames in the video is 14,597.

Legend, divided into dance partners:

Donald Trump – Dark Red
Melania Trump – Red

Michael Pence – Dark Blue
Karen Pence – Blue

Ivanka Trump – Orange
Jared Kushner – Dark Orange

Tiffany Trump – Yellow
Ross Mechanic – Light Yellow

Eric Trump – Lime
Lara Trump – Light Lime

Donald Trump, Jr. – Dark Green
Vanessa Trump – Green

Michael Pence, Jr. – Turquoise
Sarah Pence – Light Turquoise

Charlotte Pence – Dark Pink
Charlotte’s Date – Pink

Audrey Pence – Dark Purple
Audrey’s Date – Purple

Donald and Melania share the first dance, then they’re joined by Mike and Karen. Part way through the rest of the Trumps (minus Barron) and Pences come out on stage, as well as four Armed Service members. This ball, being a “Salute” to the Armed Services, featured Trump, Melania, Mike, and Karen each dancing with an armed service member for a song. Each main branch of the US Armed Services (Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines) was represented:

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Catherine Cartmell – danced with Donald Trump – Dark Red Dashed
Army Staff Sgt. Jose Medina – Melania Trump – Red Dashed
Air Force Master Sgt. Tiffany Bradbury – Michael Pence – Dark Blue Dashed
Marine Corps Sgt. Angel Rodriguez – Karen Pence – Blue Dashed

In A Very, Very Historic Victory:  Donald Trump’s Victory Speech, November 9, 2016, I tracked and plotted the movements of Donald Trump’s hands (the tips of his index fingers, specifically) during his 15 min. victory speech on the morning of November 9, 2016. The resulting lines were drawn by a pen plotter. Red:  Right index finger, Blue:  Left index finger. The outline of the podium in the position it was in during the bulk of the speech is outlined. Also outlined are the CSPAN logo on the bottom right and the stars in the flags behind Trump.

In UFC 184:  Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano, the fists and feet of two female mixed martial artists during a famously brief bout (14 seconds) were tracked and plotted. Thicker lines are feet, thinner are fists. The silver lines are the position of the octagon on the screen taken at regular intervals during the fight. Red:  Ronda Rousey, Blue:  Cat Zingano.

In UFC 167 (St-Pierre vs. Hendricks), the feet of the fighters were tracked and recreated in gaffer’s tape in a large floor installation. Yellow:  Georges St-Pierre, Blue:  Johny Hendricks.

In the Chatroulette x Playboy drawings, use your imagination to guess what was tracked.